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Chilly Pot Services

Are you too busy and tired to cook at home? 

Don’t worry!

We can provide you with our grandma’s pot of every dish of your choice and deliver it at your door step. Just make an order, relax and enjoy the rich taste of “Grandma’s cooking”


Think about getting to work early let us think about your stomach. You can pick up on your way to work or we deliver to your preferred location.

only orders placed before 4pm the previous day will be processed.

Special Akara


Akara/moi-moi, pap, fish 

Boiled Yam


Shredded beef in pepper & tomatoes sauce

Fried Yam


Scrambled spicy chicken in pepper & tomatoe sauce

Boiled Plantain


Fillet fish in pepper & tomatoe sauce

Popular dishes


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